Home Life Hacks

In a world of video game ‘cheats’ and the need for instant gratification, it can be difficult to have to do things the “old-fashioned way.” Looking for fresh and creative ways to get dirty work done is always a welcomed thought. Who wants to scrub a toilet with a toothbrush if there is a super, heavy-duty way to get it done in ½ the time? Life hacks are becoming a way of life, and thankfully, they can be a great way to free up time to do things you would rather be doing instead of spending hours on a task.


  • Packing tape is a great tool. Like Duct Tape (which is a favorite tool of MacGuyver’s), packing tape has many uses, outside of closing moving boxes. Using the heavy-duty stick of a piece of packing tape you can easily remove dust and dirt from speakers, inside corners of drawers and even clean up tiny, hard to reach areas that are often overlooked with a Swiffer duster. Personally, I have even used packing tape to pull pet dander and fabric debris from my clothing. And with most packing tape being produced “clear” – when you pull it away its instant gratification! Ahh, I got it!


  • If you have children, you are familiar with dirt and marks getting on the fabrics of your living room furniture. Have you ever tried to use shaving cream? Yeah, well – this stuff can sometimes do the trick. Because shaving cream lathers nicely, it formulates bubbles that penetrate the fabrics and helps to pull out the markings. Ingenious!


  • How many of you have stinky trash cans or have ever had one? Yeah, I bet MOST of us have at one point or another. A great way to help absorb odors and moisture that emits from the bags is to line your garbage can with newspaper. Yep. Just by taking a few moments to place a few pieces of paper to the bottom of the can save you the time it will take for you to go back and scrub your floors from the stains that have splashed on your carpets if you don’t do this. Plus, while you are tying off your bag, you can read the sports section for the scores!


  • Mattresses are so unloved. They are overworked and underappreciated. One of the best hacks I have ever heard of is to spray vodka – no, not the entire bottle – over your mattress to freshen it up and disinfect it. Because Vodka has no smell and quickly evaporates, it makes it the perfect solution to add when you are doing your spring cleaning. Another tip I like to use is this: I like things to SMELL fresh and clean. So after doing this, you can take a Lysol with a fruit or floral smell (I prefer Lavender) and spray that after you finish with the Vodka spray. The room will smell great!


  • One of my favorite things to do is pertaining to my dishes. One night, after dinner, I was having a tough time removing some cheese that was baked into my Ceramic Pottery Dish. It was a deep burn and I was getting tired of scrubbing. After a few moments, I looked up Life Hacks for ways to remove stains on cookware and I found this. It has saved me so many times! You fill the dish, pan or cookware with soap and water, above where the ‘caked on’ stain is. Then add baking soda to the water solution. Let it sit for a few moments. After it soaks for about 10-15 minutes, you can then rinse it out and clean the dish as you would normally do it and it will look like new!


There you have it. Simple life hacks to help your day and cleaning adventures feel simpler! There are a plethora of them online. Check some out and see what becomes YOUR favorite. You might even invent a few of your own, in the process. Happy cleaning!